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  • Pinero01new
    A wide fairway and a downhill tee-shot eases you into
    your round on the opening Par 4. The real trouble here is
    the fairway bunker on the left.

  • This is a long one, the trick here is to hit it long
    down the left side without going in the bunkers on the left as
    tall pines narrow the approach from the right.

  • A gorgeous Par 3 and one of only two holes with
    water in play on the Barrens. Although not long, this hole
    is complicated by a difficult green.

  • A dramatic and beautiful risk-reward tee-shot here. The option is
    a safe play lay-up down the left or the bold play to attempt
    to carry the waste area on the right. If successful, the elevated
    green is readily reachable in two.

  • Though length is not a problem here, this Par 4's long narrow
    green is both sloped on its surface and surrounded by waste bunkers.

  • This Par 5 is reachable only with a big tee-shot down
    the left side. Anything from the right half requires a lay-up
    to play around the trees that guard the right.

  • A good Par 3 with a large green that changes the hole
    greatly depending on the cut of the pin.

  • Off the tee, this one seems easy enough, but danger lurks the
    length of the hole on the right and the approach to the
    undulating green requires great precision.

  • A lengthy dogleg right that plays tough off the tee to a fairway
    that slopes from the right to the left. The hole is complicated
    by an uphill approach to the green.

  • Be sure to take enough club to get to the past the
    false front on this undulating green.

  • The fairway narrows in the landing area on this
    Par 4 making accuracy a must off the tee.

  • The number one handicap hole on the Barrens. This hole offers
    great variety with two separate greens. The left makes a long hole even
    longer but offer less resistance on the approach. When the right green
    is utilized, the yardage is reduced, but the undulating green is both
    elevated guarded by waste bunkers.

  • A long and difficult Par 4, the best tee
    shot ends up on the left side of the fairway.

  • A great Par 5 with a variety of options. The two-tiered fairway
    makes available two separate routes to a two-tiered green.

  • Another great risk-reward hole. The fairway is split, offering a safe play
    down the left ending in a more difficult approach or a long
    carry over the chasm ending in an easy approach.

  • A long and difficult Par 3 that is all carry to the slightly
    elevated green. Any error needs to be made to the left side.

  • Favor the right side of the fairway on this one, but be sure
    to avoid the bunkers that line its length on that side..

  • This long dogleg left is a great finishing hole. Cut as much as you
    dare off the corner to ease the approach to this well guarded green.

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