Scott Wyckoff, General Manager / Head Golf Professional, Class 'A' PGA Member
World Woods Golf Instructor: Call Pro Shop (352) 796-5500 ext 17
Scott provides golf instruction to golfers of all ages and abilities, both individually or in a group setting.  The main focus on the teachng is centered on the fundamental approach of the golf swing.  Developing the golf swing starting with the 'basic fundamentals' (proper grip, aim, stance, and posture) allows players to understand their respective golf swings.  This in turn allows them to 'fully understand' the cause and effect of ball flight.
(instructed by John Redd). Click here for more information For 25 + years, Tour Program Golf School has worked, not for themselves, but for the players; always believing the player is more important than the instructor. Tour Program Golf School has always been focused on the best information for the golfer, the most disciplined golf instruction and a completely balanced and hard working golf program. Tour Program Golf School teaches not only how to swing a golf club, but how to hit great shots. While some golf shots are automatic, knowing which golf shot to hit and why you should hit it allows you to figure out when you should play that shot. Most golf schools only teach the golf swing and shaping a shot. Tour Program Golf School has always taught the mental process required to hit the shots. When your physical and mental processes match up, it is called "playing in the zone". Tour Program Golf School has always strived to give the golfer the best opportunity for improvement. Many golfers have gone on to play professional golf, become excellent golf instructors and have won countless golf tournaments. Private and small group lessons are available. Tour Program Golf School can be reached at (352) 515-3931

James Neely, Teaching Professional & Custom Clubmaker  Call (352) 346-4862
James Neely has over 35 years of experience as a Teaching Professional & Custom Clubmaker.  He teaches players of ALL skill levels, including PGA Professionals and college players.  His teaching philosophy is simple - help each student play their very best.  He does not have a 'structured' lesson plan or teach one theory on the golf swing.  Instead, each students individual goals, expectations and physical abilities are carefully considered before developing a simple, one step at a time program to begin the process of improving.
Jim has made custom clubs for players on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA Tour as well as the European Tour.  He can also handle any type of club repair.
John L. Land GOLF CAN BE A GAME FOR A LIFE TIME. A PGA Member originally from the Golf States Section, Louisiana-Mississippi.He relocated to Florida in 2001.>He has held the position of Head Golf Professional at three different courses as well as General Manager, Citrus Springs  Golf Course for 3 years.  John discovered early in his career that his passion and expertise was in the area of teaching. His teaching experience includes 4 years as a golf instructor for the City of Ocala and the Citrus County Community Collegein Ocala and Lecanto. John has coached all ages; beginners, professionals, college, high school, armature's and seniors. 
"My teaching methods are based on the four pre-shot fundamentals; grip, posture, ball position and alignment.  I work witheach student based on their past experience and physical ability. Although I am confident that I can improve ones golf gameindependently, I do use a "state of the art" video coaching system. This allows the student to see what I see to improve theirgame. I am known for my patience and having the ability to correct individual problems in addition to the basics. " 
John Land is currently a PGA Golf Instructor at World Wood Golf Club and can be reached at (352) 208-4473

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